Experiencing this band live was spiritual. Connor and the band will make you feel everything you hear. Even if he has to come out into the audience and wring it out of you, you WILL feel this band.”

Hard Rock Shotz

I got my chance with The Sedonas set on Sunday...I was quite impressed by their sound! First of all they had probably the best guitarist at the festival in Ryan Sise, proven for me when they played one of the best Bob Dylan covers I’ve heard since Hendrix performed the song ('All Along the Watchtower' if you didn’t get that) and he nailed it! Fitting track to cover considering their original song ''Til I Say Amen' sounds like an ode to that era of rock, albeit perhaps more Steppenwolf style than Hendrix. James Connor Wike’s energy seems to harken from the 90s grunge era, and he used those strong vocals to add that extra power and oomph to the band’s sound. All while their bassist and drummer did an excellent job too driving the music.”

Concert Hopper

The band draws deeply on Americana and earthy rock and roll, with a sound that can be delicate or raucous. If you are a fan of Keith Richards flare for placing indelibly catchy riffs at the front end of Rolling Stones songs, or Dickey Betts’ flighty solos at the front end of the Allman Brother’s band songs, you’ll love what guitarist Ryan Sise does to launch a number of the songs on the LP. Check out the catchy looping lead lick running through '1 Day or Another.' 'Happens Right' kicks off the new disc with a heavy sound worthy of and reminiscent of Steppenwolf in the late sixties and early seventies. Jame’s vocals are powerful and Ryan’s slippery guitar sets them off perfectly. The songs clip along at right around three minutes like the good rock songs they are, with organ added effectively by band friend Jon Estes, for a great additional layer. After rocking through a couple of tracks, the band shows their ability to mix it up with the stately, 'Trace of Rain,' the single and the video included here. The album blends the sound of sixties and seventies grunge with delicate pieces and subtle surprises the rest of the way home.”

Inside of Knoxville

I absolutely loved that vibe, the groove, the sexiness, sultriness of that...absolutely loved ['Mind']. I mean that vocalist just oozes groove and sex appeal, and then that guitar solo, oh my god, amazing. Just absolutely loved it! They're bringing something fresh...10/10 from me.”


In a town where Americana and country color the sounds of a great many bands, The Sedonas are doing something different. Cue up the group’s latest self-titled offering, in fact, and it’s not hard to imagine James Connor Wike and his bandmates stumbling out of a time machine sent to the future from the 1970s, when brawny rock chords punctuated a down-and-dirty swagger that’s often missing from local stages...”

The Daily Times

The name of the band is The Sedonas...the name of the song is ‘Mind’...I really like the vocals...I just like the vibe of this, and I really like your all’s sound! I thoroughly enjoyed this, this was really fucking good!”


The Sedonas are a Knoxville-based band touring hard in all directions. They fall into the large catch-all of Americana, but there are all kinds of roots running through this lean line up featuring the soulful vocals of James Connor Wike and a stellar band bringing home an early seventies, late sixties style groove that sounds as contemporary as the latest tweet.”

Inside of Knoxville

This song right here is called "Mind"...this instrumental is so smooth bro. I definitely like his voice also, very unique and different. His voice is so chill man, this whole song is chill bro! Loving the guitar solo...nice man! He put on a hell of performance man! That guitar solo was amazing...his vocals were so smooth and really fit the track...just smooth like butter bro. Really dope performance, really dope song!”

Joey Da Prince

It's a band called The Sedonas...the song is called 'Mind.' That was great! I love it...he played a wicked guitar solo, and I love that bass drive...he's got a great groove going...I dug it!”

Ryan Rebalkin

Opening the show was a local band The Sedonas. But The Sedonas aren't your average local band. They have a great vibe and a classic Americana sound. James Connor Wike has this powerful and soulful voice that draws you in, and in no time you will be grooving to the music. He is all over the stage and jumps high in the air for a very visual show experience. other members of The Sedonas are A.P. Hardway (bass) Ryan Sise (guitar) Casey Green (drums). Wonderful set!”

Music Matters Magazine


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