Experiencing this band live was spiritual. Connor and the band will make you feel everything you hear. Even if he has to come out into the audience and wring it out of you, you WILL feel this band.”

Hard Rock Shotz

I got my chance with The Sedonas set on Sunday...I was quite impressed by their sound! First of all they had probably the best guitarist at the festival in Ryan Sise, proven for me when they played one of the best Bob Dylan covers I’ve heard since Hendrix performed the song ('All Along the Watchtower' if you didn’t get that) and he nailed it! Fitting track to cover considering their original song ''Til I Say Amen' sounds like an ode to that era of rock, albeit perhaps more Steppenwolf style than Hendrix. James Connor Wike’s energy seems to harken from the 90s grunge era, and he used those strong vocals to add that extra power and oomph to the band’s sound. All while their bassist and drummer did an excellent job too driving the music.”

Concert Hopper

The name of the band is The Sedonas...the name of the song is ‘Mind’...I really like the vocals...I just like the vibe of this, and I really like your all’s sound! I thoroughly enjoyed this, this was really fucking good!”


The songwriter and vocalist, James Connor Wike, takes you on a journey with his powerful voice and great lyrics that will leave you wanting to hear more.”


The Sedonas are a Knoxville-based band touring hard in all directions. They fall into the large catch-all of Americana, but there are all kinds of roots running through this lean line up featuring the soulful vocals of James Connor Wike and a stellar band bringing home an early seventies, late sixties style groove that sounds as contemporary as the latest tweet.”

Inside of Knoxville

The rock influences come through with this track ['For Once'] as the americana guitars blend with the alternative twang of the vocals. The Nashville sound shines organically without too much polish giving you a raw, stripped down ballad-like tune.”

Highlight Magazine

Killer beat, the bass sounds great, the drums sound great…nice bass singer…just grooving hard! The blues guitar sounds great in [Mind]! ”

Rob's Reaction

...Some of the riffs and some of the grooves are really good..You guys really have put like a professional grade project together...”

The Needle Drop

It has been proven many times, Tennessee is full of artists more talented than others. The Sedonas is a band that proves it once again, with 'Your Ballad', which explores the theme of family tensions. A very catchy tune, heartbreaking lyrics, and beautiful production make this track a real moment of pleasure. The singing is sincere, and the result is professional.”

Music For Your Heart

The Sedonas’ brand of americana is heavily influenced by a mix of vintage rock classics and modern innovators, namely Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Cage The Elephant, Aerosmith and Willie Nelson. Instead of grabbing on to the folk and bluegrass traditions in americana music, the four-piece group vied for more of a rock n’ roll flavor. The Sedonas is one of those bands that can amaze you if you allow them to...James Connor Wike has an attractive vocal tone and puts real feeling into the lyrics. His lyrics are interesting and meaningful with some punchy phrases.”

X Kira


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