James and band will make you feel everything you hear. Even if he has to come out into the audience and wring it out of you, you WILL feel this band...”

Hard Rock Shotz

A tough and tenacious set of songs, the new album [The '79 Session] reflects the band’s assertive stance, with Wike’s riveting vocals at the fore and the rest of the band underscoring his efforts with a dynamic and determined delivery.”

The Daily Times

The Sedonas made a stop in Columbia, SC at the Township Auditorium on Friday night. The rock and Americana band out of Knoxville, TN was handpicked to open up shows for a run of dates in the Carolinas by the Steve Miller Band. The Sedonas, usually a quartet, only featured James Connor Wike (vocals) and Ryan Sise (acoustic guitar) for a stripped down presentation. The lights dimmed as Wike and Sise walked out onstage. An applause was plentiful to get the evening started. Frontman Wike sported his signature aviator sunglasses and blazer, while Sise wore a polo. The audience immediately knew that they were in for a treat once Wike’s showcased his powerful vocals for “For Once.” Sise started strumming the chords to “You Know (You Ought to Know).” Wike jumped in with a high note to showcase his vast vocal range. Wike also provided some whistling to complement the tune. They slowed it down with “Trace of Rain” from “The Sedonas LP.” Wike kicked it into overdrive to reach the high notes to end the beautiful song. The highlight of the evening had to be “Too Tired (For Common Sense).” From the bluesy guitar licks to Wike’s harmonica notes – it was awesome. You could tell the capacity crowd really enjoyed this one... Hopefully the next time The Sedonas come around, they will be headlining since they have all of the tools at their disposal – polished songs, phenomenal musicianship and amazing stage presence.”

Music Recall Magazine

On a beautiful summer night, Cheap Trick made a stop at the Lucas County Fairgrounds. The sun was setting for a night of unforgettable rock n roll... The opening band for the show was The Sedonas who have a fantastic Rock and Americana sound. They had the crowd in the palm of their hands with the incredible solos and outstanding vocals. They have great stage presence and I truly can't praise or recommend them enough...”

The Book of Tickets

The Sedonas New Year's Eve in Mobile... I didn’t know who the opener was, or in fact, that there would even be an opener. Needless to say, I was surprised and happy for two reasons when The Sedonas walked out on stage. Out of West Knoxville, Tennessee, I didn’t know these guys, but reason one for my happiness was that a supporting band provides the opportunity to set up my rigs before the headliner comes on. The other reason I was happy was that they put on a helluva show, giving me a new band to follow after leaving the venue that night. The Rock/Americana style these guys do is easy to like, and the way the do it live makes it impossible NOT to... James is at the mic for a reason, and by all accounts he is the center of attention for their show. He is fun to watch, can sing his ass off, and when the time comes, he works a bullhorn like nobody’s business. An inside joke there, as I saw it on stage before the show and pondered aloud about what kind of nonsense we were in for; well he showed up, and showed out, so now I know. The boy is simply fun to watch up there on stage. I spent most of the set on him, as his movement under the lighting is exactly what I need to get dialed in properly, so there are an inordinate number of pics of him, but don’t let that imbalance mislead you, the other guys on stage kicked it in the rear as well. Simply put, Ryan can rip up the neck of a guitar. He and Adrian (bass) didn’t do a lot of running around, or jumping up and down, but they’re both solid at their craft and along with Casey (drums) put on a show worthy of NYE 2020... I have been listening to The Sedonas LP on Spotify everyday since that show, and if you have a sec, it is worth your time, I promise. I linked to it below, give it a spin and tell me if I am wrong. Their newest single, ~Trace Of Rain~ may find its way up here soon, hopefully in support of a CD review, or maybe Track of the Week, we will just have to see what 2021 brings. As long as I am hoping, maybe they will get somewhere close again so I can do them justice with my camera this time.”


I got my chance with The Sedonas set on Sunday...I was quite impressed by their sound! First of all they had probably the best guitarist at the festival in Ryan Sise, proven for me when they played one of the best Bob Dylan covers I’ve heard since Hendrix performed the song ('All Along the Watchtower' if you didn’t get that) and he nailed it! Fitting track to cover considering their original song ''Til I Say Amen' sounds like an ode to that era of rock, albeit perhaps more Steppenwolf style than Hendrix. James Connor Wike’s energy seems to harken from the 90s grunge era, and he used those strong vocals to add that extra power and oomph to the band’s sound. All while their bassist and drummer did an excellent job too driving the music.”

Concert Hopper

With Knoxville, Tennessee’s very own, The Sedonas, opening this show, indeed this would be a night of incredible music... The houselights dimmed over the courtyard where everyone was seated and the stage lights came alive as The Sedonas made their way out. This foursome is made up of lead singer James Connor Wike, guitarist Ryan Sise, bassist Adrian Mastin, and drummer Casey Green. As they launched into the first song of their set, the appreciative crowd was thoroughly entertained over the next 40 minutes. With music that is a mix of Blues, Americana and Rock, they were a great choice to kick the night off.”


The band draws deeply on Americana and earthy rock and roll, with a sound that can be delicate or raucous. If you are a fan of Keith Richards flare for placing indelibly catchy riffs at the front end of Rolling Stones songs, or Dickey Betts’ flighty solos at the front end of the Allman Brother’s band songs, you’ll love what guitarist Ryan Sise does to launch a number of the songs on the LP. Check out the catchy looping lead lick running through '1 Day or Another.' 'Happens Right' kicks off the new disc with a heavy sound worthy of and reminiscent of Steppenwolf in the late sixties and early seventies. Jame’s vocals are powerful and Ryan’s slippery guitar sets them off perfectly. The songs clip along at right around three minutes like the good rock songs they are, with organ added effectively by band friend Jon Estes, for a great additional layer. After rocking through a couple of tracks, the band shows their ability to mix it up with the stately, 'Trace of Rain,' the single and the video included here. The album blends the sound of sixties and seventies grunge with delicate pieces and subtle surprises the rest of the way home.”

Inside of Knoxville

I absolutely loved that vibe, the groove, the sexiness, sultriness of that...absolutely loved ['Mind']. I mean that vocalist just oozes groove and sex appeal, and then that guitar solo, oh my god, amazing. Just absolutely loved it! They're bringing something fresh...10/10 from me.”



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